Collections: Drawing spoons

A collection of drawings from my sketchbook of my spoon collection.

By drawing these i have found that the part of the spoon i am drawn to is the overall form and, as noted in the last set of drawings, I am I going to try to develop one or more characters based on the shapes and details on the collection.


A Summary of Illustration Application Module

During the Illustration Application module I have produced 6 illustrations for varying medias and using varying mediums. I tried to keep in mind both the tone and themes of the articles in question to create both an interesting and, where applicable, contemporary illustration that highlighted a key section of the articles text.

“Just so much, and no more”

In the 1st article, the theme that I drew on was the idea that although the earth and economics are competing, economy seems to have the advantage. I feel that by having the personification of economy resting his feet on the earth, I have managed to get this across. This conflict between the two has also been highlighted through the use of contrasting colours (blue and orange ink). (original post x x)

“Absolution comes on a Wing and a Prayer”

As the 2nd article was about birds in Dakar, I decided that by giving the illustration an ethic feel though use of pattern, I could give an idea of where the article was set through the illustration. The use of simplified shapes, particularly in the feathers and hands, has been effective and has lent itself to the screen-printing process I have used to produce the final image. Although the colour has misprinted slightly I feel this has given an added effect to the feathers, particularly the 3 below the head. (original posts x x x)

“Did Humans kill off the Hobbits?”

The 3rd article was set by my peer as part of an Art Direction task. He told me that I should focus on characters as that was a strength of mine and thought this article would lend itself to this. As it was an internet article, not for a newspaper or magazine, I thought I would keep the illustration light-hearted and not too serious. By using a fairly cartoon like style I think I have managed this. Again I have used contrasting colours to highlight the conflict in the article and drawn from a key section of the text to represent with the image. (original posts x x)

“To Kill a Mocking Bird”

After the articles, we were tasked with creating penguin book covers. The first book was “To Kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee. Looking at existing covers for this, I decided to stay away from images of birds and focus on the themes of the book instead. The key theme I focused on was the idea of the black man being found guilty and sentenced to death. I have used a limited colour palette and contrasting, complimentary colours to highlight conflict. The imperfections created by screen-printing have added to the piece, especially in the rope of the noose making a silhouette appear slightly 3-dimensional. I used orange for the background in reference to the classic penguin book covers that used orange and white. (original posts x x)

“The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole: Aged 13 3/4”

The second book was “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole: Aged 13 3/4” by Sue Townsend. I didn’t know a lot about this book but after researching it and other diary based book decided on the idea of having the cover look like a journal page. I achieved this by using notebook pages roughly torn and used handwriting for the text. I included some small illustrations in a somewhat childlike style as if doodled by Adrian; I highlighted 2 parts of the book in these, Adrian actually writing his diary and him being in love, a key theme in the book. The ink splatters are effective in the diary aesthetic but became too smudged in the blotting process. (original posts x x)

“Herefordshire Libraries Book Festival Brochure”

The final illustration was a cover for the Herefordshire Libraries Book Festival brochure. I decided i would focus on the the idea of books more than Hereford as i felt this would play to my strengths and would therefore be more successful. I chose to do a dragon as fantasy is a popular children’s book genre as well as mine. The dragons scales are individually cut out of paper and are supposed to represent books. I wanted to keep the background simple to keep the focus on the foreground imagery. I decided to use a page of a book to stay with the book theme. After trying various pages, I settled on “Tigger is unbounced” a story from “A world of Winnie-the-Pooh” as the layout of the text worked well with the imagery and it made sense to use a children book as a background for a brochure uses imagery aimed at children. (original posts x x)

Library festival brochure cover 

I decided to add a page of text as the background as I didn’t want to distract the viewer from the main illustration but felt there needed something behind the image as both a secondary tie in to books and library and also to make the background a least a little bit interesting.

After trying a few different text I settled on a page from E H Shepherds “A World of Winnie-the-Pooh: Tigger is Unbounced” as I felt the main target of my illustration was children and Winnie the Pooh is a well known childrens character but also know by a lot of Adults; also the font is large and legible but also non-distracting.

I think the text would go in the lower corner of the front page (see image) (image will be folded along the centre (dragon face on front and children on back))


Library festival brochure cover

After success with some similar characters in a previous project, I decided to focus the illustration on books rather than Hereford and sketched a “book dragon” as an idea.

I felt this could become a colourful bright illustration that would be attractive to both children and adults.

I chose to cut each of the dragon individual book scales out of paper I textured using ink. The dragon underbelly and book pages in his tail are from an old dictionary. I added a second child, both of which are also made out of the texture paper and now have to decide on a background as I have gone off the idea of just having sky behind.


Book Cover: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4

The final cover for this book hasn’t changed much from the previous design however I have changed the drawing of Adrian to give it more “action” and to tie into the plot a bit more; with him dealing with the notion of love.

I have changed the font to a more child-like handwriting as opposed to the sharper adult version from the draft.

I think the cream paper is more effective than the white from the draft as it is less contrasting to the dark background and more aesthetically pleasing.

I liked the idea of having Adrian with his diary from the draft version so I decided to include it as an illustration on the back. I think this works well as I had originally just had the blank page with the ink splotches.

Given more time, I may have redone the pages as some of the ink got smudged as I was blotting it and, particularly on the back, intrudes on some of the imagery.

Book cover: To Kill A Mocking Bird

I created my final image for the cover using a stencilled screen print. I like how bright the colours turned out as previously when I have used opaque ink to print with the colour has been slightly  off.


After scanning the print I fixed some of the imperfections; i.e. the dark areas around the nose and the misprint around the neck, and cropped the image to the correct size.

I inserted the text that I had hand drawn and also scanned and positioned it in place.

When I printed this on the Xerox printer the blue was too dark and the spine text was unreadable. To fix this I have added a glow around the text itself and have altered the blue to a more of a dark turquoise which made the text more legible.

Book Cover: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4

After reading full summary of the book, I found I wasn’t particularly inspired by any plot points so I decided to look at some other “journal” based books.

Pinterest Board:

I came up with a few ideas from the plot but then moved onto to the idea of using a journal page to create the image; with handwritten text and perhaps a small illustration in the vein of a child’s doodle.

I decided that I would use lined paper to emmulate a diary page with the addition of ink splotches and small illustrations.

By tearing the pages roughly I can make it appear to torn from a book, and use the addition of a dark background to make the pages stand out.




Book cover: To Kill A Mocking Bird

As I was coming up with some initial ideas, I originally focused a lot on birds however after a group crit I decided to focus more on one of the first ideas I came up with; the two faces and the noose… As I began thinking the idea of birds was slightly overused, and the group had said that this looked much more unique and striking.

Pinterest Board:

I reordered the image so the noose hung down instead of up as I’d had it in the initial sketch s this made more sense and blocked out the colours using a stronger pigment.

I decided to use orange and blue and black and white and these are 2 pairs of contrasting, or conflicting, colours; a key theme of the book.

I had originally planned to use paper cut to create the final image but after a test I wasn’t happy with the way this looks, some I’ve decided to try using screen print.



Editorial Illustration and Art Directing: “Did Humans kill off the Hobbits?”

As the article was focused on the struggle of H. Floresiensis against the taller, and eventually victorious H. Sapiens, I decided to direct my chosen idea towards this more.

Although it is potentially unclear in the final images, I have given the 2 cavemen black eyes, with the intention of a hidden narrative of they have been physically fighting for survival against each other .

From the comments I received, it is apparent that the brown version is more effective than the gray-scaled version. The stylistic use of white to highlight areas of the image was commented to be “professional” and adds a tone of sophistication to an otherwise simple and “cartoon-like” image.


Editorial Illustration and Art Direction: “Did Humans Kill off the Hobbits?”

I found the task of Illustrating this article rather challenging, and perhaps not in a good way. I feel this was mainly due to the informal and confusing nature of the article, coupled with its somewhat tedious length. It took a fair few reads in order to actually find its USP.

Pinterest boards:

Due to the article being fairly laid back I opted to focus on a more stylised, almost cartoon-like set of images, drawing from the Hobbit idea; hence the ring, and the idea of them being diminutive in stature, highlighted by the police lineup height chart.

When asked, the majority of people I showed said the both preferred and understood the height chart idea so i think this is the idea I will take forward into development.