Collections: Lino cuts

After seeing all the print work that other students had put into the exhibition, I thought I would have a try at producing some lino cut prints. Due to the aesthetic created by lino cutting, I decided that I would use medieval style imagery of my characters, Spoon Knight and Knife Dragon, which also fits with the theme of knights.

The designs are based on medieval imagery of knights and dragons. The shapes used are relatively simple due to the forms having to be carved out of wood or, in this case, lino.

Due to other projects, I haven’t had the time to properly print with these lino cuts yet, however I have done a practice print using watered down acrylic paint.

The result hasn’t been unsuccessful. The acrylic being slightly thinner than normal has left some interesting textures, although I think using more professional equipment I will be able to get more definition and more of the detail will be visible.


Collections: exhibition

The exhibition was successfully hung and organised. The poster was created from a group drawing that we did and was edited in Photoshop by Nicholas.


My spoon collection was hung using a display rack from that Nicholas found in his under-stairs cupboard; I selected the best ones from the collection (rejecting only 4 as they didn’t fit into the display well) and used some tape just to secure them in to prevent theft.


My print was displayed in a large frame leaving a size-able border around the image, giving it a professional feel.


My zine was placed in what appears to be an old magazine rack along with 2 zines by another student.


I feel like my work worked well in the exhibition and gave off a suitable professional vibe.

Collections: Final Design pages

I have decided on some hopefully humorous and lighthearted text that I feel helps to explain my the images but not to bore the reader with finite details.

I have also decided on a order for my images and how they will be arranged in a book format; including which will be the cover, back cover and inside cover.

I have used a scan of my early sketchbook drawings of my collection for the inside cover. I feel that this helps to keep the whole project tied into together and help to particularly keep the theme of spoons clear as it is possible that it has been lost slightly in the character design part of it.

The book will be printed as a pamphlet and will be sewn together at the fold.



Hay Festival: Final Banner design corrections

After sending my banner design to the hay festival for approval they requested I make a few alterations to the design to make it more suited to the hay festival’s audience.

The alterations that have been made are:

  • Bringing the left most figure in front of the tree so the viewer can see the full design at least once
  • Removing the drop shadow to neaten up the image
  • and overall increasing brightness of the image, making the colours more friendly and appealing.

I agree that this does improve the image and am glad to have received this feedback.

I have added cut lines to this image using the information from the workshop we had on preparing for print and have divided up the image into sections to make it more manageable to hang.

Collections: Images for exhibition zine

Using designs and ideas from my sketchbook and other ideas I have had, below is my final images for my zine for the collections exhibition.

I have yet to decide on the final text for each page and on the final layout.

I have decided that I would like my zine to be in the style of an artbook, showing my character in varying poses and positions; as well as additional characters and scenarios.

I want to keep the overall feel of the zine lighthearted and humorous as well.

Hay Festival: Children’s interactive task

I have drawn out the line-art for the final image and am proposing its use as a guide for the interactive section of my design.

kids task

Leaving the image just as line-art also means that children will be able to not only use the larger banner image to complete the task, but will also be able to colour in the the image themselves.

Below is the coloured locations of the things to find.

answer sheet


Collections: Knife Dragon

Secondary character and antagonist for my collections project.

The great (butter) knife dragon is one of the antagonists of the cutlery kingdom. His tail is designed after a butter knife and despite having a threatening look and western villain eye-brows, he’s generally quite silly, not unlike Spoon Knight himself.