Major Project: Screen Print Testing

I wanted to test out whether Screen Printing would be viable medium to produce my graphic novel via. I translated a planned page from a physical sketch to a digital mock up using a style that I am thinking of using for following pages. I tried to include a variety of line, texture and tone … Continue reading Major Project: Screen Print Testing


Book cover: To Kill A Mocking Bird

I created my final image for the cover using a stencilled screen print. I like how bright the colours turned out as previously when I have used opaque ink to print with the colour has been slightly¬†¬†off. After scanning the print I fixed some of the imperfections; i.e. the dark areas around the nose and … Continue reading Book cover: To Kill A Mocking Bird

Editorial Illustration: Brief from N Stevenson

Before deciding on the final colour scheme I ran some tests with a variation on the main body red. As I used a dark grey underneath the image, the body had to be opaque; this created a slightly pinker colour that although contrasts well against the darker reds of the feathers, didn't have the effect … Continue reading Editorial Illustration: Brief from N Stevenson