Envelope book: The letter B

One of the first books we made in the Book Arts Module was an envelope book about either a single letter or the alphabet, I chose the letter B. An envelope book is literally a book made using envelopes. The words I have Illustrated are: Book Boat (Ice) Berg Beacon Bach Beethoven Brahms Binary Black … Continue reading Envelope book: The letter B


Library Zine

Our task was to create a zine, a small book folded from a larger piece of paper, within the theme of libraries. As a pre-lesson task, we were asked to interview a librarian; after which i doodled a caricature of the librarians I interviewed. As one of the things they had into depth about was … Continue reading Library Zine

Carousel Book: Circus Animals

One of the best books I have produced is the carousel book, or Japanese star book, on the theme of fairgrounds. I decided that I wanted to do circus animals as I thought I would be able to create an interesting and fun book. After drawing out designs for my animals, I cut them out … Continue reading Carousel Book: Circus Animals

Photographic Flip Book

Our task was to create a photographic flip book; IE make a flip book using photographs. I created a simple background on some paper and photographed the movements of some inanimate objects to make them appear to move... in this case i used a paper dragon and a lucky waving cat. Although the story told … Continue reading Photographic Flip Book

Encyclopedia of Fantasy Beasts

I decided to create an encyclopedia about mythical creatures as this was a subject I knew a fair bit about and could have some fun with the illustrations. After looking through lists of some different creatures I decided I would do: Basilisk Cockatrice Dragon Kraken Leviathan Pegasus Unicorn Werewolf I chose as in alphabetical order … Continue reading Encyclopedia of Fantasy Beasts

How to Catch a Ghost

Given the task of creating a "how to book, I decided to make a book on how to catch a ghost. After discounting a few more serious sketches about how to catch a ghost I thought I would be keep pretty lighthearted and fun as some of the illustration I had been coming up with … Continue reading How to Catch a Ghost