Major Project: HeadCase Completed

The final page count for Headcase is 56 pages (+ cover), this increased from my planning as I added in extra full page illustrations as they added greater atmosphere to the story as well as drama and suspense. COVER The cover design is based on a lino-print I designed fairly early in the project. I … Continue reading Major Project: HeadCase Completed


Major Project: Introductory Media

For the introductory media portion of my major project I have decided to create: Badges Stickers Business Cards Postcards Patches I have also decided that, in keeping with some of the inspirations for my main project, I will also create a simple animation that will run on a CRT monitor during the graduation show and … Continue reading Major Project: Introductory Media

Major Project: Page and Panel Progress

After initially planning the pages in my sketchbook I began to transpose them into the final images. Using the sketchbook as a guide, I sketched the panel design out roughly in Photoshop and then filled in the image in my established style. I decided on this style for the illustration as it fitted with the … Continue reading Major Project: Page and Panel Progress

Major Project- side project: Theater Poster Live Brief

After receiving feedback from the director, co-directors and cast, I have made the following changes: Added more greater contrast in the shading on the gun Changed the curtain from grey to green; this is to keep it closer the actual stage curtain and also to add greater definition to the poster as before different parts … Continue reading Major Project- side project: Theater Poster Live Brief

Major Project: Page and Panel Planning

The above is the [still in progress] plan for how the story will play out through my graphic novel. As I have been working through the planning I have begun to develop the layout as more segmented panels than using overlapping images. Although there is a greater sense of flow with the overlapping/ integrated images, … Continue reading Major Project: Page and Panel Planning

Major Project: Screen Print Testing

I wanted to test out whether Screen Printing would be viable medium to produce my graphic novel via. I translated a planned page from a physical sketch to a digital mock up using a style that I am thinking of using for following pages. I tried to include a variety of line, texture and tone … Continue reading Major Project: Screen Print Testing

Major Project: Artistic and Visual Research

Whilst I have been planning out the panels for my comic, I have been looking at examples of how other artists have illustrated comics and other visual novels; as well as how artists portray character with line and image-making. The following is some examples that I have been particularly interested in: Mean Girls Club A … Continue reading Major Project: Artistic and Visual Research