Book cover: To Kill A Mocking Bird

As I was coming up with some initial ideas, I originally focused a lot on birds however after a group crit I decided to focus more on one of the first ideas I came up with; the two faces and the noose… As I began thinking the idea of birds was slightly overused, and the group had said that this looked much more unique and striking.

Pinterest Board:

I reordered the image so the noose hung down instead of up as I’d had it in the initial sketch s this made more sense and blocked out the colours using a stronger pigment.

I decided to use orange and blue and black and white and these are 2 pairs of contrasting, or conflicting, colours; a key theme of the book.

I had originally planned to use paper cut to create the final image but after a test I wasn’t happy with the way this looks, some I’ve decided to try using screen print.



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