Carousel Book: Circus Animals

One of the best books I have produced is the carousel book, or Japanese star book, on the theme of fairgrounds. I decided that I wanted to do circus animals as I thought I would be able to create an interesting and fun book. After drawing out designs for my animals, I cut them out … Continue reading Carousel Book: Circus Animals


Encyclopedia of Fantasy Beasts

I decided to create an encyclopedia about mythical creatures as this was a subject I knew a fair bit about and could have some fun with the illustrations. After looking through lists of some different creatures I decided I would do: Basilisk Cockatrice Dragon Kraken Leviathan Pegasus Unicorn Werewolf I chose as in alphabetical order … Continue reading Encyclopedia of Fantasy Beasts

How to Catch a Ghost

Given the task of creating a "how to book, I decided to make a book on how to catch a ghost. After discounting a few more serious sketches about how to catch a ghost I thought I would be keep pretty lighthearted and fun as some of the illustration I had been coming up with … Continue reading How to Catch a Ghost

Library festival brochure cover 

I decided to add a page of text as the background as I didn't want to distract the viewer from the main illustration but felt there needed something behind the image as both a secondary tie in to books and library and also to make the background a least a little bit interesting. After trying … Continue reading Library festival brochure cover 

Library festival brochure cover

After success with some similar characters in a previous project, I decided to focus the illustration on books rather than Hereford and sketched a "book dragon" as an idea. I felt this could become a colourful bright illustration that would be attractive to both children and adults. I chose to cut each of the dragon individual … Continue reading Library festival brochure cover