Hay Festival: Finalised Banner Design

Below is the final design layout for my banner. I have added additional objects to find and have started to decide on numbers as well, as of this design there is: 10 red riding hoods 3 big bad wolves 30 yellow/gold apples I feel like this maybe too many things and may end up at … Continue reading Hay Festival: Finalised Banner Design


Hay Festival: Design Sheet

My design sheet that was presented to the Hay festival representatives, Aine and Becky. They gave the following feedback: "Experiment with mixed media, particularly in use of pattern papers, and push the shapes in the tops of the trees together. Use mid green for tree colour" This feedback was helpful in giving me a starting … Continue reading Hay Festival: Design Sheet

Hay Festival: Designs

Below are the different ideas I have had about how to represent trees. I have decided that the 2 more successful versions are the block and broken block versions, which of these I use will probably depend on the material I decide to use. I have included a few designs for how little red riding … Continue reading Hay Festival: Designs