Hay Festival: Final Banner design corrections

After sending my banner design to the hay festival for approval they requested I make a few alterations to the design to make it more suited to the hay festival's audience. The alterations that have been made are: Bringing the left most figure in front of the tree so the viewer can see the full … Continue reading Hay Festival: Final Banner design corrections


Hay Festival: Children’s interactive task

I have drawn out the line-art for the final image and am proposing its use as a guide for the interactive section of my design. Leaving the image just as line-art also means that children will be able to not only use the larger banner image to complete the task, but will also be able … Continue reading Hay Festival: Children’s interactive task

Hay Festival: Design Sheet

My design sheet that was presented to the Hay festival representatives, Aine and Becky. They gave the following feedback: "Experiment with mixed media, particularly in use of pattern papers, and push the shapes in the tops of the trees together. Use mid green for tree colour" This feedback was helpful in giving me a starting … Continue reading Hay Festival: Design Sheet

Hay festival: Proposed Idea

I have digitally created an idea about how the final banner may look. As this is a sample, the final image is likely to be longer and feature trees in varying densities. Above are 2 variations on how the imagery may look. I have included some potential textures and tree positioning and included the idea … Continue reading Hay festival: Proposed Idea

Hay Festival: Designs

Below are the different ideas I have had about how to represent trees. I have decided that the 2 more successful versions are the block and broken block versions, which of these I use will probably depend on the material I decide to use. I have included a few designs for how little red riding … Continue reading Hay Festival: Designs

Hay Festival: Tree-dom

We have been tasked with creating illustrated "banners" for the Hay Festival 2017. These will be displayed at the site and are to be based around the idea of trees. I have started by researching how trees can be translated into illustration. https://uk.pinterest.com/bastianmoore/tree-dom/ I decided that I would look at the idea of fairy tales … Continue reading Hay Festival: Tree-dom