Major Project: Character Designing

I want each of the characters in the story to a) represent a different identity or Orientation, even if it is not directly stated anywhere, and b) to have a different object for their head; this will allow me to create a varied group of characters allowing me to improve my ability to design easily … Continue reading Major Project: Character Designing


Major Project: Developed Proposal

In tutorial with Nicolas we discussed how best to present the ideas I was having for where the project would go. We decided that the best way to avoid many of the stereotypes I was finding would be to focus of character interaction and situational problem solving rather than individual characters; this was also something … Continue reading Major Project: Developed Proposal

Major Project: Research

Object-Headed Characters Object-heads are a character form that utilise every-day objects as a replacement for a figures head. Although many people would associate this with modern imagery, this character model has existed since ancient times; from the animal-headed gods and creatures of ancient Egypt and Greece to Japanese "Tsukumogami", this trope is seen around the … Continue reading Major Project: Research


Major Project: Initial Proposal

Rational:¬†Where are you at? How does this module suit what you need to do next? Through brainstorming various ideas through a mind-map, I have decided that I would like to focus on the idea of character presentation and portrayal as this is not only the topic of my dissertation but also is an area of … Continue reading Major Project: Initial Proposal


Folio and HoI: Sherlock Holmes Cover Design

As my fairly unusual design for Sherlock had been well received I decided I want him to feature prominently on the front cover, as well as the fact that I have placed him in all three of the internal illustrations. Whilst I was thinking of how to develop a full idea for this, we had … Continue reading Folio and HoI: Sherlock Holmes Cover Design


Folio and HoI: The Man with the Twisted Lip development

Since the initial idea for this illustration I have continued to draw out and develop how the house/building featured in the story might look. The houses I felt were mos successful were ones that incorporated the sections with the pointed roof. Looking at these, it was suggested that I perhaps looked at making the building … Continue reading Folio and HoI: The Man with the Twisted Lip development


Folio and HoI: A Scandal in Bohemia development

Using my further research to look at Victorian outfits, I have developed the figure of the woman in my idea to make her look more of the period and less like a genie rather than the shadow she is supposed to be. The pose for the woman worked when she was more stylised in the … Continue reading Folio and HoI: A Scandal in Bohemia development