Collections: Final Design pages

I have decided on some hopefully humorous and lighthearted text that I feel helps to explain my the images but not to bore the reader with finite details. I have also decided on a order for my images and how they will be arranged in a book format; including which will be the cover, back … Continue reading Collections: Final Design pages


Collections: Images for exhibition zine

Using designs and ideas from my sketchbook and other ideas I have had, below is my final images for my zine for the collections exhibition. I have yet to decide on the final text for each page and on the final layout. I have decided that I would like my zine to be in the … Continue reading Collections: Images for exhibition zine

Collections: Spoons

My collection that I am using for the collections project is Spoons. I have gathered a range of decorative spoons from local charity shops and around my home. I have researched some artwork that use spoons in them however am unsure at the moment as to which direction my final imagery will go. I … Continue reading Collections: Spoons