Collections: Lino cuts

After seeing all the print work that other students had put into the exhibition, I thought I would have a try at producing some lino cut prints. Due to the aesthetic created by lino cutting, I decided that I would use medieval style imagery of my characters, Spoon Knight and Knife Dragon, which also fits with the theme of knights.

The designs are based on medieval imagery of knights and dragons. The shapes used are relatively simple due to the forms having to be carved out of wood or, in this case, lino.

Due to other projects, I haven’t had the time to properly print with these lino cuts yet, however I have done a practice print using watered down acrylic paint.

The result hasn’t been unsuccessful. The acrylic being slightly thinner than normal has left some interesting textures, although I think using more professional equipment I will be able to get more definition and more of the detail will be visible.


Collections: Spoon Knight Design and Development

I have decided that the character I will be developing is Spoon Knight, a knight who both uses and has parts of their armor based on spoons.

From my first drawing being a more “realistic knight”, I have developed them to be more stylised. I have drawn inspiration from both medieval knights and the indie video game “Shovel Knight” and have begun to develop their armor itself to be based more on spoons and my collection:

  • The crest on their chest and their shield is a design on the base of a spoon in my collection
  • Shield and Tassets are based on the bowls of spoons
  • The shape within the helmet and comb is based on a spoons basic shape

I feel this character would be most suited to either a video game, like “Shovel Knight” or a comic book/zine. Whichever it would be, I would like the content to be fairly lighthearted and humorous, that would probably appeal late-teens more than anyone else.