Folio and HoI: A Scandal in Bohemia development

Using my further research to look at Victorian outfits, I have developed the figure of the woman in my idea to make her look more of the period and less like a genie rather than the shadow she is supposed to be. The pose for the woman worked when she was more stylised in the … Continue reading Folio and HoI: A Scandal in Bohemia development


Folio and HoI: The Musgrave Ritual (concepts)

The Musgrave Ritual is the story I enjoyed reading the most but have struggled the most to pinpoint the moment I would like to illustrate. After reading the story several times the points i felt would look best was either: The point where Sherlock starts to solve the mystery of the ritual itself; looking specifically … Continue reading Folio and HoI: The Musgrave Ritual (concepts)

Collections: Print for exhibition

I decided that I would use some of the illustrations from my zine to create an A3 print to hang in the exhibition. I have created it in the style of an comic book title page as I think that a comic would probably be the fitting media for my character, and it shows my … Continue reading Collections: Print for exhibition


Hay Festival: Final Banner design corrections

After sending my banner design to the hay festival for approval they requested I make a few alterations to the design to make it more suited to the hay festival's audience. The alterations that have been made are: Bringing the left most figure in front of the tree so the viewer can see the full … Continue reading Hay Festival: Final Banner design corrections


Collections: Images for exhibition zine

Using designs and ideas from my sketchbook and other ideas I have had, below is my final images for my zine for the collections exhibition. I have yet to decide on the final text for each page and on the final layout. I have decided that I would like my zine to be in the … Continue reading Collections: Images for exhibition zine


Hay Festival: Children’s interactive task

I have drawn out the line-art for the final image and am proposing its use as a guide for the interactive section of my design. Leaving the image just as line-art also means that children will be able to not only use the larger banner image to complete the task, but will also be able … Continue reading Hay Festival: Children’s interactive task


Collections: Spoon knight (cont.)

A somewhat finalised version of spoon knight coloured digitally using skills learn in the Photoshop workshop a week or 2 ago. I prefer this design with the longer, thinner legs to the previous version with shorter legs, as this version has become more of my design than a concept from "Shovel Knight".