Collections: Final Design pages

I have decided on some hopefully humorous and lighthearted text that I feel helps to explain my the images but not to bore the reader with finite details.

I have also decided on a order for my images and how they will be arranged in a book format; including which will be the cover, back cover and inside cover.

I have used a scan of my early sketchbook drawings of my collection for the inside cover. I feel that this helps to keep the whole project tied into together and help to particularly keep the theme of spoons clear as it is possible that it has been lost slightly in the character design part of it.

The book will be printed as a pamphlet and will be sewn together at the fold.




Collections: Images for exhibition zine

Using designs and ideas from my sketchbook and other ideas I have had, below is my final images for my zine for the collections exhibition.

I have yet to decide on the final text for each page and on the final layout.

I have decided that I would like my zine to be in the style of an artbook, showing my character in varying poses and positions; as well as additional characters and scenarios.

I want to keep the overall feel of the zine lighthearted and humorous as well.

Collections: Knife Dragon

Secondary character and antagonist for my collections project.

The great (butter) knife dragon is one of the antagonists of the cutlery kingdom. His tail is designed after a butter knife and despite having a threatening look and western villain eye-brows, he’s generally quite silly, not unlike Spoon Knight himself.

Collections: Spoon Knight Design and Development

I have decided that the character I will be developing is Spoon Knight, a knight who both uses and has parts of their armor based on spoons.

From my first drawing being a more “realistic knight”, I have developed them to be more stylised. I have drawn inspiration from both medieval knights and the indie video game “Shovel Knight” and have begun to develop their armor itself to be based more on spoons and my collection:

  • The crest on their chest and their shield is a design on the base of a spoon in my collection
  • Shield and Tassets are based on the bowls of spoons
  • The shape within the helmet and comb is based on a spoons basic shape

I feel this character would be most suited to either a video game, like “Shovel Knight” or a comic book/zine. Whichever it would be, I would like the content to be fairly lighthearted and humorous, that would probably appeal late-teens more than anyone else.


Collections: Brief and Character Design research


Above is the first draft for my project brief; I would like to focus the creation and development of a character and create something along the lines of a small art book with sketches and images of a character of my design.

I received the following as feedback on this:

“I would start with your character and see if a short narrative doesn’t suggest itself once you’ve defined who your character is. (Perhaps creating a nemesis will illuminate a narrative?) Then you can decide to loosely portray the narrative in 3 or 4 carefully made images, detailed character spreads, or even go full steam and create a short zine or book.”

I have looked at the following sites for tips on how to go about this and think I have basis on where to start:

I have also done some preliminary sketches of characters and I think have decided on a spoon based knight.

Edit: I have developed my brief further after the above research, the feedback from Nicholas and decided on the character I wish to develop.

breif v 2