Major Project: Initial Proposal

Rational: Where are you at? How does this module suit what you need to do next? Through brainstorming various ideas through a mind-map, I have decided that I would like to focus on the idea of character presentation and portrayal as this is not only the topic of my dissertation but also is an area of … Continue reading Major Project: Initial Proposal


Folio and HoI: The Musgrave Ritual development

I have decided that the best way to depict the fate of the butler would be to illustrate him as well as the room. This first version has helped me to decide on how the butler would look however on a closer reading of the text the posing is wrong as the description of his … Continue reading Folio and HoI: The Musgrave Ritual development

Folio and HoI: Sherlock Holmes- Character Designs

During my research I found a few different interpretations of how Sherlock Holmes might have looked; ranging from classic and contemporary illustrations to film and TV variations: x  I would like a focus on character design within my illustration I have decided that designing how Sherlock will look is the best possible starting point for … Continue reading Folio and HoI: Sherlock Holmes- Character Designs


Collections: Final Design pages

I have decided on some hopefully humorous and lighthearted text that I feel helps to explain my the images but not to bore the reader with finite details. I have also decided on a order for my images and how they will be arranged in a book format; including which will be the cover, back … Continue reading Collections: Final Design pages


Collections: Images for exhibition zine

Using designs and ideas from my sketchbook and other ideas I have had, below is my final images for my zine for the collections exhibition. I have yet to decide on the final text for each page and on the final layout. I have decided that I would like my zine to be in the … Continue reading Collections: Images for exhibition zine


Collections: Knife Dragon

Secondary character and antagonist for my collections project. The great (butter) knife dragon is one of the antagonists of the cutlery kingdom. His tail is designed after a butter knife and despite having a threatening look and western villain eye-brows, he's generally quite silly, not unlike Spoon Knight himself.


Collections: Princess Cuillere

Secondary character for my collections project. Princess Cuillere is the princess of the cutlery kingdom, and friend of Spoon Knight. Her dress features a spoon print along the bottom edge and a spoon shaped cut out in the back. She sometimes wears spoon earrings.