Ferrous: Working with Blacksmiths Pt: 2; Zine Ideas

Using the snake idea for the outside of the book, the next task was to decide on what the contents of the book would be. From looking at zines in my research, I have decided that I would like the zine to consist of 1 continuous image, as I feel this will work well with … Continue reading Ferrous: Working with Blacksmiths Pt: 2; Zine Ideas


Ferrous: Working alongside Blacksmiths pt: 1; introduction and conception

Partnered with a blacksmith from the Ba (Hons) Blacksmithing, the task is to create some form of illustrated object, be it a zine, or other paraphernalia, to inform and/or depict information about said Blacksmith, showing either them, their personality, hobbies or even their work in general. I have been partnered with Aaron Houghton, a level … Continue reading Ferrous: Working alongside Blacksmiths pt: 1; introduction and conception

Envelope book: The letter B

One of the first books we made in the Book Arts Module was an envelope book about either a single letter or the alphabet, I chose the letter B. An envelope book is literally a book made using envelopes. The words I have Illustrated are: Book Boat (Ice) Berg Beacon Bach Beethoven Brahms Binary Black … Continue reading Envelope book: The letter B


Library Zine

Our task was to create a zine, a small book folded from a larger piece of paper, within the theme of libraries. As a pre-lesson task, we were asked to interview a librarian; after which i doodled a caricature of the librarians I interviewed. As one of the things they had into depth about was … Continue reading Library Zine


Carousel Book: Circus Animals

One of the best books I have produced is the carousel book, or Japanese star book, on the theme of fairgrounds. I decided that I wanted to do circus animals as I thought I would be able to create an interesting and fun book. After drawing out designs for my animals, I cut them out … Continue reading Carousel Book: Circus Animals


Book arts and Self-Publishing

(image from x) When you make a zine or other small book, there are a few things to think about when it comes to either self-publishing or using a small press. The main points being make sure the quality is up to standard, use a good printer and/or printer company and most importantly make sure … Continue reading Book arts and Self-Publishing


Photographic Flip Book

Our task was to create a photographic flip book; IE make a flip book using photographs. I created a simple background on some paper and photographed the movements of some inanimate objects to make them appear to move... in this case i used a paper dragon and a lucky waving cat. Although the story told … Continue reading Photographic Flip Book