British Legion Poppy Appeal: Launch Day at the Skatepark

The final outcome of the British legion Poppy Appeal project was to decorate the bowls of the skate park in Hereford with Poppy designs to celebrate the 2017 launch for the county. After surveying the area for a final time, we decided as a group to focus on the smaller of the remaining bowls as the other was too steep to safely enter and exit and this left a bowl for skaters to use while we worked.

I tried to collaborate with a few different people by working my poppy design into area where others had worked. This was mainly to fill space without it being too busy and also as in testing the part that others liked best about mine were the way the interacted with each other.

The after effects of the skaters using the bowl when it was still wet was sets of lines that ran through our work giving the images flow and connecting them together when they may have felt disjointed.

after skaters
One of my designs with the after effects of the skaters, featuring the work of Meg Summerfield, Lauren Taylor, Tina Pierce and Dan Schwartz




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