Hay festival: Workshop Planning

We have been tasked with creating a short 1 hour workshop for 15 children at the hay festival.

Our group; Me, Alison Roe, Tina Pearce and Wallace Pockett  will be working with the 6-9 age group and will be focusing on the topic of birds.

Our aim is for the children to create a bird that they can either hang on a world map or have on a stick and then take home with them afterwards.

We are going to create sample birds based on real-life birds in order to demonstrate our idea and will present illustrations of our birds in the form of a zine, and will be providing a short activity page for if they finish early.

Our birds will be: Flamingo, Mardarin duck, penguin, puffin, parrot and cockatoo

We will be providing stencils/templates that the children can use if they wish but we will also encourage them to be creative and to create their own birds.


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