Library Zine

Our task was to create a zine, a small book folded from a larger piece of paper, within the theme of libraries. As a pre-lesson task, we were asked to interview a librarian; after which i doodled a caricature of the librarians I interviewed. As one of the things they had into depth about was their favourite books I decided to focus on this. I interviewed a few other people, asking them what their favourite books were and drew small cartoon-like images of them as well.

I decided to play with the photocopier settings to create a background for the zine. By reversing the colours and setting to one colour I  created and double sided, block coloured paper to put my imagery on.

I did have some image placement issues. After cutting speech bubbles and writing my text I realised my images were too big for what I had originally intended them for. I decided to crop the images to just the top half of the head as you still got a fair amount of detail but could still read the text.



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