Carousel Book: Circus Animals

One of the best books I have produced is the carousel book, or Japanese star book, on the theme of fairgrounds. I decided that I wanted to do circus animals as I thought I would be able to create an interesting and fun book.

After drawing out designs for my animals, I cut them out of ink coloured paper, easily creating full colour textured images.

My book has ended up being rather nontraditional shape for this type of book, as mine is a tall, narrow, portrait book as opposed to a more traditional landscape book.


I have kept the background constant to keep the focus on the animals themselves. I think the fact that some of the animals stick out outside the boundaries has added more depth to the illustration, something that was perhaps lacking due to the narrow shape of my book making the 3-dimensional nature of carousel books almost nonexistent.

Japanese star books form a star shape when looked at from above and below, although because of the nature of my illustrations, mine only does this prominently on the bottom.



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