How to Catch a Ghost

Given the task of creating a “how to book, I decided to make a book on how to catch a ghost. After discounting a few more serious sketches about how to catch a ghost I thought I would be keep pretty lighthearted and fun as some of the illustration I had been coming up with fitted more with the notion of it being for children.

After sketching out my final illustrations, I decided I would make them using paper cut. I photocopied pages from a book of random imagery and textures, as well as objects and clothing, to create backgrounds for the images. By over-copying  and doing them on the black and white setting, it created a grainy effect similar to old horror movies; an effect that added to the theme in a subtle way. The ghosts are made using tracing paper which has given them an eerie, translucent quality.

I feel that some of the pages are more successful than others. The most successful and interesting pages are “Snare ’em/ Cage ’em” and “Bottle ’em/ Bag ’em”; this is mostly because of the interesting textures and overall composition of the pages, as well as their simplicity. The least successful pages are probably “Hook, line and sink ’em” as the textures in the background are too dark to see clearly and just looks like dark grey, and “Rope ’em” as the number of times I had to copy the texture to get it right has left it particularly grainy and has drastically reduced the background quality.

I decided to add a cover to the book. The front cover image is an unused image from a project from last year. I decided to keep the back simple and added a little ghost in the vein of an icon.

This was one of my more successful books. This might have something to do with a) having more freedom in the subject matter and b) keeping the media and image making techniques constant through out the book.


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