Book Arts- Turkish Map Fold: Star Map

After deliberating a few different ideas, I eventually decided to do a simplified map through the zodiac star signs. 

As I created characters for each of the signs, I wanted to try and stay away from some stereotypes of how they are normally personified eg. Taurus who is usually shown as a masculine bull headed Minotaur and Gemini who are usually 2 separate beings.

I decided to have 3 characters per page which has helped to make them stand out strongly against the black background. To complete the image of a night sky I have punctured the paper to allow spots of light to shine through, I have done this on not just the background but at points along each of the characters to mirror traditional illustrations of zodiac and other constellations.

I feel the book itself is fairly successful although I am not sure of the best way to display it as I had originally thought I’d display it as more of a sculptural map with a light in the middle to highlight the “stars” however now the pages are complete I think I will add a cover in the same way I have attached the pages together, using smaller tabs instead of having the pages flat against each other as this would’ve stopped a lot of light showing through.


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