Editorial Illustration: “Just so much, and no more”

I have improved on some aspects of the design, i.e. making the Earth look slightly more strained and added a simple background in order to ground the image. I chose to use a simplified colour pallet of orange and blue, with the addition of black and white.

I used blue and orange in particular as there is a trend towards this particular set of colours in a lot of contemporary ¬†illustration at the moment. I also picked them as they are contrasting/ opposing colours which echos the conflicting “characters” in the illustration and article.

As I used ink to colour the image, some of the colours ran into each other; however i like the effect this has created, especially with his mustache and beard.

The colour ran through to the other side of the paper I used. I think this has created an interesting effect and, as Nicholas Stevenson pointed out to me, it might be interesting to see what this would look like layer onto of the original image.




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